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PRECISCA brings you unprecedented access to our Faculty of leading Oncology experts.

Oncology expertise from the national & global institutions should be available to everyone facing cancer.

Our digital platform is developed by Oncologists, for Oncologists.

The PRECISCA digital platform offers the following:

  • Second Opinions available via our multidisciplinary virtual tumor boards (Expert Cancer Panels) with PRECISCA Faculty
  • Comprehensive video library >1700 videos created by our expert Faculty curated by cancer disease state to be clearly understood by both patients and providers
  • Content Licensing | License any of the content within our video library | Utilize our expert Faculty to develop your own on-demand video content | Request ad-hoc expert panels for complex case

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PRECISCA’s Expert Panel Impact To Date

Total number of cases reviewed by PRECISCA's multidisciplinary panel of expert in the field of Breast, Thoracic, Gastrointestinal, and Genitourinary Cancers, along with Hematologic Malignancies


would change the management of current and future patients based on what they learned from PRECISCA discussion


Percent of case submitters who learned something new after having a case reviewed by PRECISCA's multidisciplinary panel


of submitters reported they were likely to submit a future case for discussion and that they believe the virtual tumor board will improve care for patients


PRECISCA brings the expertise of the world’s foremost oncologists in breastthoracicGIGU and malignant hematology. Our experts discuss the detailed nuances of treatment decision making and the latest advancements in care. 


PRECISCA panels aim to raise the level of cancer care by making impactful expert insights available to all clinicians and care teams by providing a clear view of expert opinion on the latest advancements and their application in clinic.


PRECISCA offers secure, convenient, and confidential review of a patients cases. Simply fill out the needed paperwork and then let us take it from there! Have PrecisCa review your case today – select the learn more button below to get in touch with out clinical process team.

PRECISCA Expert Panels

2nd Opinions for your patients

Oncologists submit patient complex cases for review by our Expert Panel.

Our digital second opinion platform is an impartial panel, and any recommendations provided will be shared with the Oncology provider.

Our clinical team will provide a summary of recommendations along with a recording of the panel discussion, and patients’ identities will remain anonymous to our panel of experts.

Our team will deliver a summary of recommendations and all patients remain anonymous to our expert panel.

Video Knowledge Library

Search from over 1700 unique, cutting-edge videos by leading oncology experts with reliable treatment insights and up-to-date analysis of the latest research and practice advancements. Click below to access PRECISCA’s cancer educational video library.

Access Patient Level Videos

Search from specifically curated playlist for patients facing their cancer journey.

License PRECISCA’s Digital Content For Your Education Needs

Enhance your digital assets with the following options:

  • Customize exclusive videos with PRECISCA
  • Non-exclusive on-demand 
  • Unbranded on-demand

Available in Multiple Formats


Thousands of unique videos by leading experts ranging from 4-8 minutes, with treatment advice, up-to-date analysis of the latest research, and accessible education.

Expert Cancer Panels

Watch panelists provide insights on complex scenarios previously submitted by community Oncology providers which discuss the latest treatment options in oncology care.

Develop Customized Digital Assets

Partner with PRECISCA to develop customized in-house video content utilizing our Oncology Expert Faculty.

Sample Videos Below


Most asked questions that you may want to know about.


PrecisCa has assembled oncology specialists from leading institutions across the US in the specialties of medicine, surgery, radiology, radiation oncology, supportive care, and complementary medicine. We give you access to our faculty through education via an extensive video knowledge library and expert panel consults.

How do I submit a case for review by PRECISCA?

Get a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis with PRECISCA’s impartial panel. We share our recommendations with your existing Oncologist, and our team provides a summary of anonymous recommendations. Contact to begin the process today!

What is a second opinion?

Second opinion reports in oncology refer to the assessment of a patient’s cancer diagnosis and treatment plan by another medical expert or team. A second opinion report is a written document that outlines the second medical expert’s evaluation of the patient’s condition, including an analysis of the patient’s medical history, diagnostic tests, and treatment options. PRECISCA will provide you with both a report & a video recording of the case discussion.

The purpose of seeking a second opinion report is to provide the patient and their primary care physician or oncologist with additional information and perspectives to help guide the patient’s treatment decisions. The report may include alternative treatment options or provide reassurance that the initial treatment plan is appropriate.

Second opinion reports can be obtained from other oncologists or cancer specialists at different hospitals or clinics. The process may involve sharing the patient’s medical records, including imaging studies and biopsy results, with the second opinion provider. The second opinion report can then be reviewed with the patient and their healthcare team to help inform treatment decisions and ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.

Ultimately, the choice between an oncology panel and a single oncologist will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the patient. It is important to discuss the options with the patient’s healthcare team and determine the best approach for their individual situation.

It is important to note that seeking a second opinion is a common practice and can provide valuable insight into your diagnosis and treatment options

PRECISCA is not intended to replace your Oncologist.

What can I watch on PRECISCA?
PrecisCa video library grants you access to our library of previous virtual expert panels and the best educational information from our expert network on the latest developments in cancer care.
How do I find a specific video or topic?
Once you log in to PrecisCa, you will have access to our video library, including educational content, expert panel discussions, and videos that may be helpful for your patients.
Our Video Library can be easily browsed by utilizing our advanced filters such as: Tumor Location, Type, and Stage.
Can my company license PRECISCA content?

Please reach out to:


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