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With PRECISCA, Community Oncologists can convene a panel to review their most challenging cases with our Faculty of leading Oncology experts. Our Video Library contains more than 1,700 lecturettes and panel discussions.

Oncology expertise from the national & global institutions should be available to everyone facing cancer.

Our digital platform is developed by Oncologists, for Oncologists.

What We Do Best

Review Complex Cancer Cases

Share your complex cancer case with our panel of expert oncologists. Healthcare providers can submit a detailed case of their patient's condition using our intake process. We organize multi-disciplinary panels where our experts discuss your case, yielding a video of the panel discussion along with a summary of the treatment outcomes. You can also find all previous panels in our extensive video library.

Develop Cancer Content

PRECISCA Media can tailor existing or new content for your organizations video needs. Stay updated on the latest research and intricate patient scenarios with our vast collection of Lecturettes and Expert Cancer Panels. Delve into expert discussions that keep you informed and engaged in the ever-evolving field of cancer research. View more than 1,700 videos in our Video Library today!


Develop Emerging Oncology Leaders

We foster the growth of future oncology leaders through our immersive Virtual Series, led by renowned PRECISCA Oncologists and moderated by Oncology Fellows. Don't miss our Annual Conference in-person every Spring in Miami, providing a valuable platform for networking and knowledge exchange in the field.

Access the Latest Content


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Ready to Roll Content

Choose from 1,700+ ready-to-use videos covering all major medical conditions. Our extensive video library is peer-reviewed and clinically validated, applying the 15 principles of microlearning for healthcare

Your Own Content

Our platform can augment your offerings with PRECISCA-produced videos as well. PRECISCA can also help modify your existing videos to tailor to your needs.

Custom/White Label/Exclusive/Bespoke content

Develop entirely new content with custom modules produced in partnership with our award-winning production team. We assess your unique requirements and work with your organization to create new modules of 7-10 microlearning videos.

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Case Submission Process

Receive actionable intelligence from the foremost experts in Oncology in 4 simple steps:



Patient receives a Diagnosis. Treating Oncologist offers PRECISCA Expert Opinion panel


Case Details Sent to PRECISCA

Treating Oncologist sends payment and case details to PRECISCA


Panel Case Review

Patient case reviewed on video by Expert Panel of Multi-Institutional Experts


Summary & Recommendations Returned

Video & written summary delivered to treating Oncologist



See what people are saying about the PRECISCA case review process

"My patient and her husband were thankful and satisfied
that I had obtained a world-class second opinion. They are
very comfortable with me now."

Senior Community Oncologist

"I thought I knew a lot about breast cancer, I learned a
lot myself, and my patient is very satisfied with the
second opinion."

An Ex President of Community Oncology Alliance [COA]

"The recommendations caused us to update the patient
treatment plans for the better! In addition, the video
format is like bringing NCCN guidelines to life."

US Trained Oncologist Overseas

Accepting Submissions
PRECISCA Expert Panels
Complete the form below to begin the case submission process. You will be contacted at the email address provided below by a member of our Clinical Process Team. PRECISCA Expert Panels can only be initiated by the Provider.
Submit Case

PRECISCA Case Submission Process
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Total number of cases reviewed by PRECISCA's multidisciplinary panels
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would change the management of current and future patients based on what they learned from PRECISCA discussions
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of case submitters learned something new after having a case reviewed by PRECISCA's multidisciplinary panels
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of submitters reported they were more likely to submit a future case for discussion and that they believe the virtual tumor board will improve care for patients

PRECISCA Content & Media Production

Explore a vast collection of over 1,700 exclusive and innovative videos featuring renowned oncology experts. Gain valuable treatment insights and stay up-to-date with the latest research and practice advancements. Simply click below to unlock PRECISCA's comprehensive cancer educational video library.


Harness the expertise of PrecisCa's team of professionals to craft compelling content exclusively for your organization. State your outcomes and let our team produce and deliver content custom-tailored to your needs. 

With a vast collection of over 1,700 videos, we provide your organization with unparalleled flexibility. Not only can we deliver existing content to you, but we also offer the opportunity to enhance your offerings with professionally produced segments by PRECISCA. Furthermore, our team is adept at customizing your existing videos to perfectly cater to your specific needs.


PRECISCA Oncology Fellows Virtual Disease State Series

  • Each update is led by a PrecisCa Expert KOL Speaker
  • Moderated by newly graduated or current 3rd Year Oncology Fellows 
  • Attendees Include: 1st Year/2nd Year/3rd Year and newly graduated 3rd Year Oncology Fellows
  • Currently trending towards > 100 Oncology Fellows to attend each session

    * All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

Genitourinary Cancer

Presentations Focused on Prostate, Bladder & Renal Cancers

Speaker: Guru Sonpadve, MD | Advent Health - Florida

Moderator: Matthew Kurian, MD | St. Elizabeth Healthcare | Post-Graduate Oncology Fellow

Organized by Sherry Crowe

Frequently Asked Questions


PrecisCa has assembled oncology specialists from leading institutions across the US in the specialties of medicine, surgery, radiology, radiation oncology, supportive care, and complementary medicine. We give you access to our faculty through education via an extensive video knowledge library and expert panel consults.

How do I submit a case for review by PRECISCA?

Get a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis with PRECISCA's impartial panel. We share our recommendations with your existing Oncologist, and our team provides a summary of anonymous recommendations. Contact to begin the process today!

What is a second opinion?

Second opinion reports in oncology refer to the assessment of a patient's cancer diagnosis and treatment plan by another medical expert or team. A second opinion report is a written document that outlines the second medical expert's evaluation of the patient's condition, including an analysis of the patient's medical history, diagnostic tests, and treatment options. PRECISCA will provide you with both a report & a video recording of the case discussion.

The purpose of seeking a second opinion report is to provide the patient and their primary care physician or oncologist with additional information and perspectives to help guide the patient's treatment decisions. The report may include alternative treatment options or provide reassurance that the initial treatment plan is appropriate.

Second opinion reports can be obtained from other oncologists or cancer specialists at different hospitals or clinics. The process may involve sharing the patient's medical records, including imaging studies and biopsy results, with the second opinion provider. The second opinion report can then be reviewed with the patient and their healthcare team to help inform treatment decisions and ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.

Ultimately, the choice between an oncology panel and a single oncologist will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the patient. It is important to discuss the options with the patient's healthcare team and determine the best approach for their individual situation.

It is important to note that seeking a second opinion is a common practice and can provide valuable insight into your diagnosis and treatment options

PRECISCA is not intended to replace your Oncologist.

What can I watch on PRECISCA?
PrecisCa video library grants you access to our library of previous virtual expert panels and the best educational information from our expert network on the latest developments in cancer care.
How do I find a specific video or topic in the Video Library?
Once you log in to PrecisCa, you will have access to our video library, including educational content, expert panel discussions, and videos that may be helpful for your patients.
Our Video Library can be easily browsed by utilizing our advanced filters such as: Tumor Location, Type, and Stage.
Can my company license PRECISCA content?

Please reach out to: